Let Cricut take your creativity to a whole new level

Cricut is a series of innovative and user-friendly cutting machines that can cut and draw on most materials. With your Cricut machine you can make cutouts for homemade cards, beautiful labels and decorations for e.g. textiles, glass and the walls at home, among many other things. There are almost no limits to your creative options, and it doesn't get easier to give a personal touch to your creativity than with Cricut.

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Find your new best Cricut friend

On this page you will find Cricut cutting machines in several sizes for different needs, just as you can find both accessories and creative materials for the machines.

Cricut Joy

Small, practical, and powerful cutting machine

With this Cricut cutting machine you get a small but powerful helper for your creative projects. Cricut Joy can cut, write, and draw on more than 50 different materials, so there is plenty to explore. The smart Cricut Joy will fit into any hobby room, where it will quickly become your best DIY friend. The size of this Cricut machine also makes it the perfect cutting machine for you who want to take your creativity with you on the go.

Cricut Explore Air 2

A breathtaking machine of high quality

Explore your creativity with this large Cricut machine. Cricut Explore Air 2 will quickly become a valuable partner for you who want to write, draw, cut, or fold in more than 100 different materials in no time. This machine from Cricut can work in materials with a width up to 30 cm, so you can use it for a wide range of creative projects. The user-friendly Cricut Explore Air 2 can be set to work at double speed, so you get the most out of your hobby time.

Cricut Maker

Innovative, intelligent, and impressive cutting machine

If you want unimaginable creative possibilities at an extra high level, then you should choose a Cricut Maker. This Cricut machine can cut, write, fold, emboss and much more in over 300 different materials, so nothing puts a stop to your creative ideas. The machine is for you who have big creative ambitions and who are ready to upgrade the tools in your hobby room. With Cricut Maker from Cricut, you get the ultimate machine that can do it all – and a machine, that is irresistible.

Unfold your creativity with Cricut

A world of creative opportunities opens for you who invest in a machine from Cricut. Your new Cricut machine makes even the most twisting and advanced cuts, so do not hold back. It suddenly becomes much easier and more fun to make decorations for the home, homemade Christmas decorations of any kind and everything for the party - from invitations to table decorations and table cards. Cricut easily makes decorations for cakes, textile decorations and carves fabric when you want to sew. In other words, you can make decorations and ornaments for any occasion with Cricut.

Get started with accessories and materials from Cricut

Once you have chosen the right Cricut machine for your creative needs, you can dive into the large selection of Cricut accessories and creative materials. Here you will find extra knife blades, felt-tip pens and great cutting mats for the machine, just as you can get your hands on the smart heat presses (EasyPress) from Cricut, which help you transfer your motifs to desired surfaces. You can choose from a wide range of creative materials, from paper and cardboard, leather paper and fabric to transfer sheets, iron-on foil and vinyl.



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