Ceramics with bubble technique


Ceramics with bubble technique


These lovely mugs and egg cups are a fantastic gift idea. Furthermore, the bubble technique is easy and fun to do!

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Ceramics with bubble technique
Ceramics with bubble technique

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    How to do it
    How to do it:
    Prepare your mug by attaching masking tape over the glazed part of the mug.
    Pour a bit of water, glass & porcelain paint and washing up liquid in a small container. Make sure that the container is not too tall or too large as this will require more paint and take up more energy to blow.
    Mix everything well by stirring with a bamboo stick. You may leave the mixture for a little while to allow the paint to dissolve.
    Blow into the mixture with a straw.
    Put your hand inside the mug and now carefully dip it into the bubbles. Take care for the mug not to touch the water!
    Continue all the way around the mug and the bottom of the mug as well.
    Leave the mug dry for a while. This will happen very fast as the rough surface of the mug absorbs the liquid.
    You may make a new mixture of water, washing up liquid and glass & porcelain paint (like here with gold on the black mug) and repeat the procedure with the mug.
    Leave the mug to dry for a short while.
    Remove the masking tape and carefully wipe away any paint with a damp cloth or with your fingers that – despite the masking tape – has found its way to the glazed area.
    Fix the mug in the oven for 30 minutes at 160°C.
    "IMPORTANT! This is a simple and fun technique which can be adapted to many ages. Make sure only to let young children blow the bubbles with a straw if you are certain that they are blowing and not sucking! If you are not quite sure, then let them dip the mug into the bubbles whilst you blow the bubbles. It may be necessary to put more paint in the water if the colour is too weak. You may use containers with lids, enabling you to save the water and stir it again when you next need it, if this activity continues over several days. If you wish to saturate the rough surface further, then apply a coat of varnish. A matt varnish will, however, remove the beautiful glitter effect provide by the gold paint. A transparent varnish will partly preserve this, but you will achieve the best result by omitting the varnish. This technique is only suitable for ceramics with a rough surface as the bubbles will simply slide off a glazed surface."

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    These lovely mugs and egg cups are a fantastic gift idea. Furthermore, the bubble technique is easy and fun to do!

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