Decoupaged Cotton and Linen hanging Decorations

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These various hanging decorations made from light linen and cotton are decorated with glued-on decoupage paper designs and napkins. The text is stamped on, using a foam stamp set with stamps attached to a wooden block and a stamp pad with ink.

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Decoupaged Cotton and Linen hanging Decorations
Decoupaged Cotton and Linen hanging Decorations

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    How to do it
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    Cut out the desired design from either decoupage paper or a napkin.
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    Attach the cut-out design onto the fabric using decoupage lacquer for fabrics. NB: apply a coat of decoupage lacquer on both sides of the design (i.e. underneath and on top).
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    Decorate with small designs according to your own taste which are cut out and attached using the same procedure as described in step 2.
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    Put together a text using the letters in the foam stamp set. Dab each stamp in the stamp pad with ink and make the print.
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    If the hanging decoration is a creature – for instance a bird – make two dots with a Pearl Pen for eyes.
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